1. Designlovefest in Amsterdam is basically my dream vacation

2. I will never understand when/why/how to wear this.

3. Garance is 40, and she wrote the sweetest letter to her 20 year old self.

The truth is, everything you’re afraid of is going to happen to you.
You’ll be poor. You’ll get dumped. You’ll lose someone you love. You’ll be ridiculous. You’ll make mistakes…Sometimes you’ll feel completely lost….But whatever happens, you’ll always have yourself….Learn to let go and give yourself over to loving arms. Learn to see the magic of existence.

4. If you’re as addicted to brownie brittle as I am, you need these sheet pan brownies in your life.

5. Finally, rediscovering Anais Nin:

I know that human beings place upon an object, or a person, this responsibility of being the obstacle when the obstacle lies always within one’s self.


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