21. Hodge-podge


This is what today looks like:

Waking up early, and then sleeping in late.

Gratitude for having the time to read lengthy articles about medicine and a neurosurgeon’s account of his mistakes. My heart swelling with pride for all my primary care doctor friends.

“Our philosophy is that the primary-care physician and patient should become the hub of the entire health-care-delivery system,” Hernandez said. He viewed the primary-care doctor as a kind of contractor for patients, reining in pointless testing, procedures, and emergency-room visits, coördinating treatment, and helping to find specialists who practice thoughtfully and effectively.

“Do No Harm” is an act of atonement, an anatomy of error, and an attempt to answer, from the inside, a startling question: How can someone spend decades cutting into people’s brains and emerge whole?

Ear-marking recipes for butter chicken (or murgh makhani).

Reminiscing about my favorite place in Paris.

Pining after beautiful things I don’t need and are sold out.

Getting in that lesley fightmaster yoga.

Waiting for 5pm.
(Photo: Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford in Parks and Rec. Because that face)

21. Hodge-podge

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