25. what i think about when i think about running

Lately, I’ve been kicking around the idea of running a marathon.

I’ve been following zenhabits for a while, and he writes frequently about self-improvement and making changes stick. The importance of creating reminders, setting goals, and holding yourself accountable.

I know this one thing – running a marathon – won’t magically transform me into some hyper-productive person who enjoys waking up with the sun.

But for someone who’s always felt like a quitter, I want to follow-through on something that requires commitment, even when the thrill of a new hobby fades away. I guess I want to prove to myself that I can keep putting one foot in front of the other when my legs feel like jello and the sweat has plastered my hair to my neck and I want to quit. Part of me knows that I can do this; the other part of me excuses herself by asking, “What is the point?”

Well, the point is pushing yourself to show how far you can go. The point is seeing your shadow running in front of you, and knowing that “running like a girl” is meant to be a compliment. The point is proving yourself right.


I haven’t made up my mind about the marathon, but I started running again and it feels good.


(Photo: Wilacre Park from the first three-miler)

25. what i think about when i think about running

4 thoughts on “25. what i think about when i think about running

  1. Do it. You might regret it during your 18 weeks of training but once you cross the finish line you’ll know it was one of the best things you’ve ever done.


  2. Hey I really enjoyed reading this blog 🙂 I like running and excersizing in general because it gives you time to think. I’m not one of those people who sticks an iPod in and listens to the top 40 on a run, I think it’s perfect reflection time. Perhaps I’m not as brave on endearing as you but I’m looking to do a 10k for the exact same reasons 🙂 Let me know if how it goes and if you decide to do it! And take a look at my blog 🙂


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