A good day


Photo: Spotted in Zilker Park, Austin

Maybe not for the U.S.A.*,

But I had a good day. A great day.

My failure to speak up during a meeting last week at my internship resulted in me blowing off class today and spending it at a middle school, helping eighth graders learn their purpose and practice gratitude.

It sounds so extremely lame, and I’m sure some of the students felt that way (they sure acted like it, anyway), but I wish something like that had been offered at my school. I saw these baby adults** stand up and read their purpose statements, recognizing their gifts and wanting to use them to make the world better. And it gave me hope.

We also talked about gratitude in a way I want to incorporate more in my life. They wrote down a list of 15 things they were grateful for***, and next to each, they wrote down what they were going to do to express their gratitude. I know that love without action is meaningless. But, it’s a logical next step I frequently fail to take.

So let’s take it a step further. Express gratitude rather than just being grateful. Bake those cookies for your friend who always listens to you vent without judgment. Take a walk to stretch your hard-working body. Sit outside in the sun after a rainstorm and do your part to keep the air clean. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

*Politics should not be reduced to an asterisk, but it’s the most I can muster without falling apart right now. Here’s a link to call your representatives. Participation is required of responsible citizens: https://5calls.org/
**so many of them in Lululemon yoga pants for some reason. When did that become a thing in middle schools?
***One kid wrote down “lemon” 15 times. I didn’t ask.

A good day