maybe 30 is the new 20
(or at least 25).
maybe the sun shines everyday
maybe a nap is all we really need
(and water).

maybe he comes
maybe he doesn’t.
maybe you forget when you
stopped caring.

you make yourself a home
within the walls of your own

you make
a cup of tea and
curl up in the valley
of your thighs.

you say,
“i’ve never felt better”
and this time
you believe her.



17. Adventure is out there


I came across this article some time ago. A young family uproots their comfortable life and moves to South Africa, with a goal to “reset.” I saved the last paragraph after reading it. Since then, it’s been a chunk of text that’s been buried in the notes on my phone. I read it from time to time, sometimes on accident and most times on purpose. Always reminding me of what’s important.


And as I’m discovering, the big adventure is not a place, an experience, or a plane ticket. The real big adventure is the thrill of a life (any life, anywhere) that’s lived honestly, deeply, and with intention. This kind of life doesn’t avoid questions, risk, or vulnerability. This kind of life is the one I want.


(Photo: Sunrise over California) 

17. Adventure is out there