9. “Loving someone is, like, a lot of eye contact.”

In my youtube binging yesterday, I stumbled on this great video. We talked yesterday about how maybe we shouldn’t focus so much on beauty, and define women solely in that context. But regardless of gender, none of us are immune to insecurities.  Except when we were younger and the world hadn’t told us to be ashamed of our bodies. 

I had never heard of Jubilee Project before this video, but I had to learn more, especially since any Asian who isn’t pursuing medicine/law/business instantly piques my interest (also how cute is he).

Jubilee Project was started by three friends, and “exists to tell stories that inspire change.” They’ve partnered with some amazing organizations to raise money for causes ranging from deafness to Alzheimer’s to homelessness.

And then they have short films like this one. About unconditional love and devotion, which can seem hokey at moments, but then all of a sudden you’re weeping in front of your computer and glad your roommate isn’t home.

And finally, here’s one more from the kids, since almost everything is better from their point of view.

“It feels sort of like you’ll never be lonely.”

9. “Loving someone is, like, a lot of eye contact.”